Paintless Dent Repair


Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an environmentally friendly method of repair that removes hail damage, door dings, creases, large dents and body line damage from the metal surfaces of vehicles. PDR can be used to repair aluminum and steel panels. It restores the vehicle’s body back to a factory finish. 

PDR technicians use specialized metal tools to perform all PDR repairs. The dents are usually accessed from underneath and pushed up and then skillfully blended out. Panels that are not accessible from underneath require a technique called Glue Pull. The glue is applied to a uniquely designed tab and placed on the dent to pull it up. Again, blending is in order to finish out a flawless repair. 

At Alliance, we never drill holes in your vehicle to gain access to dents. We go the extra mile to gain proper access to assure we retain the integrity and safety of your vehicle.


Large Crease before Repair

This is before Paintless dent repair

large crease after repair

This is after Paintless dent repair

large damage

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1. How much does it cost?

PDR can be done in a fraction of the time it would take a body shop to fix and re-paint a dent damaged area. That means less time without your vehicle for you. Dents are priced according to size and access. We offer free estimates so give us a call today. You can even email a photo of the damage to us at for an online quote.

2. Will the dents come back?

No, metal has a memory. Once put back in it’s original condition, it will retain the repair and dents will not reappear. That holds true regardless of heat or cold. Alliance offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of our repairs so rest assured, your repair with be of the highest quality.

3. If I trade- in, sell my car or return my lease vehicle, will I get more if it is dent free?

Would you pay more for something that is in top condition? Do you ask for a discount if you are buying something that is damaged? How your vehicle looks makes a difference in it’s value. PDR is a great way to be sure you are getting top dollar for your car.

4. Do PDR technicians use dry ice, plungers and hair dryers to perform my repairs?

Absolutely not! PDR is a tedious job that requires skill, patience, attention to detail and experience. Anyone who recommends a PDR repair be done that way, is not a certified technician and should be used with caution. At Alliance, our technicians are nationally certified and internationally recognized as some of the best in the industry.  

5. Does it matter if holes are drilled in my vehicle during a PDR repair?

YES! Drilling into the metal creates a weak spot. That weak spot could equal serious injuries to you or your loved ones if you are involved in a collision. Alliance does not drill holes in your vehicle while under repair. Period!   We strongly recommend that you don’t allow anyone else to either.

We Work with Big companies



We provide Paintless Dent Repair for Adesa Dallas.



We provide Paintless Dent Repair for KARS auction service.

Benefits of PDR


Preserves Factory Finish

Nothing will ever be as good as the original parts on your vehicle. That's why PDR eliminates the need to replace parts by restoring them back to their original quality.


Fast Repairs

PDR takes a fraction of the time in compared to traditional body shop repairs. By removing replacing parts and paint jobs, an entire hail damage repair can be finished in under a week.



Auto repair can be harsh on the environment, from the chemicals used in bonding agents to the disposal of damaged parts. By preserving original parts PDR is a completely eco-friendly repair.