Dent olympics


What Are The Dent Olympics?


The Dent Olympics is a friendly competition in which PDR Technicians from around the world gather to repair a dent and show their skills amongst some of the best in the business. It takes place at the Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando, FL every January. The MTE is the only place you will find the International Dent Olympics. Each competitor can pre-register online in order to secure their place in the competition.  Competitors may only register for one dent. A portion of the profits benefit a non-profit organization chosen by the original show organizer, Mr. Kevin Halewood.  The Dent Olympics were founded by Tom Price in 2001. The original competition had only a few technicians and one car. Dents  were applied with a golf ball mounted on a screwdriver. The Dent Olympics has quickly grown  into a feature event at the Mobile Tech Expo through the determination and innovation of each person who has taken the time to develop the competition into what it is today. Each year, every effort is made to surpass the success of the previous year.

How Does the Competition Work?


The competition is currently overseen by Andrew Kinsey, an internationally recognized PDR technician with Alliance Dent Repair, and his team. The competition consists of identical cars that are dented evenly and consistently to provide an equally fair opportunity for each contestant. All dents are applied to the side panels of the vehicles. The dents are applied using a specially designed air cannon charged to a decided upon PSI so that all dents are exactly the same. The number of competition dents depends on the model of car used and the access available.  Each dent is numbered. Contestants draw their number at random upon arrival at MTE. The number they draw determines which dent number they fix. They report to the Dent Olympic area and are scheduled a time to compete. Each contestant gets 45 minutes to fix their dent. When they have finished or run out of time, Andrew and his team do a preliminary assessment. After all contestants are done, a panel of  five to 10 judges are brought in to determine the winning dents.  Contestants are judged on the quality of their dent. If there is a tie, the winner is determined by the speed of the repair. All prizes are donated from generous vendors that have booths setup at the Expo.

Are There Other Dent Competitions at MTE?


There is also a glue pull competition. Glue pulling is a specialized technique used by PDR technicians to repair dents on panels that may not be accessible through traditional methods. It requires a great amount of skill to use glue and not damage the finish of the vehicle. Blending the dent with specialized tools require a steady hand and keen eye. Contestants can register to compete in the Glue Pull competition at the Expo. There is no charge to compete. A drawing is held from the entries received. Four to eight competitors are chosen. They have 30 minutes to complete their dent. Contestants are judged by the same judging panel used to judge the Dent Olympics. Prizes are awarded to the top 4 winners. Prizes for this competition are also donated. 

Where Can I Go for More Information:


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